How To Pick The Perfect Incentive Travel Partner

landingpage5As a corporate planner, manager or human resources professional, designing the right incentive program to inspire your employees is one of the most important tasks in your job description. Finding the right blend of motivational goals and rewards is key to ensuring the performance of your workforce and, therefore, the success of your business.

So when it’s time to start planning the perfect incentive travel trip for your company, it’s important to choose a partner capable of creating a truly remarkable experience around the needs of your unique workforce.

The following five-step guide is designed to help you pick the perfect incentive travel partner for your next trip …

  1. 360-Degree Planning — A lot more goes into planning the perfect incentive travel experience for your team than just picking a destination and putting them on a plane. Be sure to pick a partner with the experience and resources necessary to oversee every single aspect of your incentive travel program, from generating initial employee excitement to extending the impact of your program long after your team’s return. Peak Performance’s 360˚ Experience Mapping program is designed to manage your company’s incentive travel program from start to finish.
  2. Single Point Of Contact — Hotel contract negotiations, on-site management, post-trip follow-ups … the list goes on. With so many important details to take into consideration, finding an incentive travel partner that provides a single, consistent point of contact throughout the planning and implementation process is key to ensuring your trip goes smoothly and exceeds every expectation. When you partner with Peak Performance, your dedicated Peak Pro is by your side every step of the way offering expert guidance, program management and advice.
  3. Buzz Building — Since the whole point of your new incentive travel program is to generate the kind of enthusiasm that inspires your team to perform at a higher level, finding a partner who helps you create buzz and excitement is critical. As part of your incentive travel program rollout, Peak Performace creates destination-specific prep packages that include things like sunscreen, tour books, travel pillows and hand warmers to help build excitement around your upcoming trip.
  4. Creative Flexibility — Planning the perfectly customized incentive travel experience for your business requires a level of creativity and innovative thinking that not every partner can provide. From conducting the most accurate site research to recommending specially themed events and tours, you need a partner capable of designing creative solutions to your company’s incentive travel goals and objectives. More importantly, since even the most carefully planned trip requires constant adjustment to achieve the remarkable results that motivate your workforce, it’s important you choose a partner with the flexibility necessary to respond to ongoing and last-minute changes. The Peak Proactive Planning approach is designed to provide you with the most creative, effective and customizable incentive travel program possible.
  5. Budget Optimization — Just because your business is on a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t provide a truly remarkable incentive travel experience for your team. When choosing your trip planning partner, look for a provider that makes you feel as if you’re booking the Ritz even though your budget looks more like the Holiday Inn! By understanding the needs of your program and effectively managing the resources available, the Peak Pros™ help you make the most of even the most limited program budget by providing the remarkably personalized service and attention you deserve.

To learn more about how Peak Performance helps you create the best possible incentive travel experience, call 888.788.9078 or click here to speak with a Peak Pro today.

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