Motivate Your Sales Team to Reach New Heights

motivate-your-sales-team-to-reach-new-heightsNo matter what industry or market sector your business serves, the key to every company’s continued success is growing sales. It’s a simple equation: the more deals you close, the more robust your bottom line will be and the more likely you are to outpace your competitors. Of course, closing deals and growing sales doesn’t happen automatically. It requires a team of motivated salespeople working hard to provide your customers with the guidance they require.

But what motivates your sales team? The short answer is: competition! To understand the why and the how behind this phenomenon, it’s important to take a look at the psychology behind the sales process.

Salespeople are, for the most part, naturally competitive individuals. They are driven to succeed and, more often than not, that success is measured in performance metrics like: close rates, commissions earned and benchmarks exceeded. A good salesperson will keep a close eye on the successes and shortfalls of his peers and competitors, stacking these up against his own win/loss column. A great salesperson, someone at the top of his game, will not only be obsessed with outperforming the competition but with outdistancing his own past successes and setting new, higher goals and benchmarks.

With this psychology in mind, the best way to motivate your sales team is to nurture the competitive spirit of every employee by providing the sort of goal-oriented incentives that inspire them to outperform their peers and past successes as well as your own expectations.

Sales commissions and bonuses are great, but our extensive experience inspiring sales teams across a wide array of industries has taught us there’s one surefire motivator that outperforms all others. Incentive travel programs from Peak Performance consistently generate the sort of healthy competition that drives sales by providing your hardest working employees with a performance goal that can’t be measured in monetary value. By planning and designing custom travel packages around your employees’ key motivators, we create the kind of corporate incentive programs that drive them to carry your company to new heights.

To learn more about how Peak Performance incentive travel programs motivate and inspire your employees to reach their peak, call 888.788.9078 or click here to speak with a Peak Pro.

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