The Performance Benefits of Rest & Relaxation

motivate-your-sales-team-to-reach-new-heightsUnlike most other industrialized nations, there’s no law in the United States that says you have to give your team time off from the daily grind. What’s more, the Fair Labor Standards Act as it’s currently configured doesn’t require employers to pay for time not worked.

Of course, as any good manager knows, without a healthy balance of downtime, even the most hardworking and dedicated employees will eventually start to show signs of work-weariness. When that happens, individual performance suffers and that can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.

Without adequate time to rest, relax and recharge, employees experience stress and fatigue. In addition to decreasing performance levels, productivity, creativity and quality of work, these factors often have a significant impact on overall employee health, resulting in even more unforeseen costs for your business.

In order to combat the performance-draining effects of work-weariness, many employers offer paid vacation as part of their benefits package. This practice is designed to attract and retain employees. By providing paid vacation to promote employee health and well-being, they are effectively preventing the unforeseen costs of decreased performance. The thinking behind this practice is simple: When employees go on vacation, they usually return to work with more energy and stamina!

While paid vacation is a great way to attract and retain talent for your business, when it comes to on the job performance, it is really more of a preventative approach. Since they’re tied, in the employee’s mind, to overall compensation and benefits packages, paid vacations are very often perceived as something automatically due or already earned.

One way to overcome this limitation is to replace or supplement your traditional paid vacation policy with a structured incentive travel program. Employee incentive travel programs offer workers a chance to work toward a tangible goal. When that goal is reached, there is naturally a greater sense of achievement and reward. From an employer’s standpoint, incentive travel programs are a great way to drive performance, creativity and quality of work while still providing employees with a much-needed opportunity to rest, relax and recharge.

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