Travel Incentives: Is it Time for a Reality Check?

Be honest. Are your firm’s employees really happy to arrive at the office every day? Do they appear motivated and content with how they are being treated? Or do they pay lip service to you and then secretly search LinkedIn and other sites for the next big job opportunity? If you feel that they are part of the latter category, step up to the podium and do something about it.

If you are not sure what to do about their lack of motivation, loyalty, engagement and morale, consider what the experts are saying. According to a 2013 Incentive Travel Council sponsored report, more than 87% of employees feel truly appreciated when they receive travel incentives. The report also showed that today’s employees tend to feel more engaged and loyal to companies that provide well thought out travel incentives. Knowing that, your next course of action should be crystal clear. You need to have a smooth running, travel incentives program in place.

What’s the best way to set-up such a travel incentives program? The majority of today’s businesses are finding it cost effective and efficient to hire an outside firm to handle all of travel incentive program development, implementation and management details. We know, because at Peak Performance, that’s what we do. When it comes to travel incentives programs, our corporate clients don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll come up with, and execute, a travel incentives plan that may include:

  • Group Travel Incentives
  • Individual Travel Incentives
  • Channel Member Involvement
  • Special Sales Incentives Programs
  • Special Events Planning Services
  • Conference and Meeting Planning Services

To discover more about our valuable travel incentive services, please contact us at Peak Performance. Our PEAK PROS™ will respond to online inquires within 24 hours. Phone inquiries may be made by calling (888) 496-4654. We also encourage you to check-out our online resources. They include access to white papers and testimonials.

Using incentives can boost the performance of your employees.

Using incentives can boost the performance of your employees.

Create Client Loyalty with Peak Performance!

Whether you are planning a meeting or a corporate event or are seeking to build client loyalty through sales and travel incentives, Peak Performance is the one-stop shop for you!  Whether you have a group meeting of 15 or 500 people, you want to make the right impression on your clients and employees.  Allowing Peak Performance to handle the headache of organization and event planning, you leave you and your employees satisfied.

Peak Performance can help make a fantastic event or meeting to boost client loyalty

Peak Performance can help make a fantastic event or meeting to boost client loyalty

Our services are all-inclusive and personalized, so that you never miss a beat.  No matter where your event will be held, we can handle it.  From site research to space and itinerary planning, we communicate with you throughout it all, ensuring you are completely satisfied. For those hoping to build client and employee loyalty, we offer incredible incentive packages that allow your participants to tailor their rewards from a selection we provide.  Catering to your budget, we will build a plan that will enhance your current goals through optimum incentives for your clients and employees. Incentives are more a necessity than a luxury in the power they have over productivity, morale and overall performance! If you would like to reward your employees or clients as a whole, our corporate event planners will create an enjoyable and exciting environment, no matter the destination.  From company picnics, holiday parties and corporate outings, to executive retreats, board meetings and seminars, Peak Performance handles all details from the initial idea to the event execution. Enhance your working environment and productivity through the use of perfectly put together meetings and/or retreats. Contact us today for a free and friendly quote! We look forward to working with you!

3 Excellent Sales Incentives to Offer Your Salespeople

In my experience, the best and really only way to motivate sales people to sell is through their wallets.  I’ve seen lack-of-performance punishments of all various shapes and sizes shrugged off as quickly as they were handed out, but the second a deduction in pay is discussed – for a sales rep – the earth stops.


Commission: On a micro level, the rep needs to receive a commission tied to each and every sale.  Whether that be a percentage of the margin of each deal, a percentage of the total price of goods sold, a set dollar amount attached to each sale – whatever it is, the sales rep needs to experience an addition to their bank accounts as a direct result of every sale.


Bonuses: On more of a macro level, the rep needs to have bonuses kick in when wider-encompassing sales goals are met.  For example, a rep should have a monthly, a quarterly, and a yearly quota that triggers a bonus when each quota is hit, in addition to a commission on each sale.   What this alleviates is complacency.  If a company establishes a monthly quota and only a monthly quota, there’s nothing to stop a rep from getting comfortable once that monthly quota is hit.


Team-Building Rewards: Lastly, a sales team should have goals that must be met by their entire team (ie. every rep of a specific branch reaches 100% of quota that month, the branch reaches 100% of its quarterly goal, etc.) and when this goal is met, the entire team gets to, say, take a group or team travel week. This is the kind of sales incentive that can really drive healthy competition and results.


The issue at hand is self-discipline and the ability to self-motivate.  Very few reps can lay claim to either characteristic, let alone both.  Because of this, in my opinion, bribery through their wallets is the best way to get sales people to sell.


Please contact us to learn more about other sales incentives that can really optimize the results of your sales organization.

An exotic sales incentives trip can give extra motivation to your sales team

An exotic sales incentives trip can give extra motivation to your sales team

The Difference Between Being Kind and Being Nice to Employees

Employee relationships can help or hinder job productivity

Employee relationships can help or hinder job productivity

A key driver of employee motivation is a manager’s relationship with employees. In terms of being both likable and respected, being a manager is difficult. There’s a fine line that must be drawn so that employees know who their boss is, yet also feel at ease while working in the office.

One issue that managers often struggle with is being too nice with or too harsh on employees. Being too nice with employees an easy way to lose credibility and authority, but managers that are too harsh on employee lose the ability to be a motivational force.

recent Harvard Business Review article discusses this dilemma and offers a practical solution. According to the article there is a difference between being nice and being kind with employees, and the latter is superior. The article also explains how being too nice can have a negative effect:

“Vince Lombardi wasn’t a nice guy. But he drove his players to be the best they could be, and in hindsight, they loved him for it. I’d much rather play for a coach committed to my true potential and willing to sacrifice my perception of him or her in the short term than a coach who’s more concerned about being liked. I’d rather work for someone who loves me than someone who’s nice to me.”

Being too nice and not demanding greatness doesn’t motivate employees to improve. A manager that is always nice and agreeable signals that he is satisfied with employee performance. While this can be used later for employee recognition, it doesn’t bode well for employee motivation.

Instead, managers should be kind yet firm with employees. The Harvard Business Review mentions Vince Lombardi, who was known for his motivational style of coaching. Lombardi wasn’t the nicest coach at the time, but his players later understood that he was driving them to greatness.

If you would like more information about employee motivation, contact us.

How to build client loyalty

Client loyalty is a harder thing to achieve that one might think. However Forbes listed a number of things a company can do to promote it.

First one must offer a good or service that is nearly as “perfect” as can possibly be managed. The better that a product suits a client’s needs, the more loyal he or she is likely to have for the company that produces it. A product that is just adequate or does not meet all of a client’s needs is not as likely to elicit as much loyalty.

Next, the delivery of the product should be done in what is termed a “caring” manner. The message that should be imparted is that the company cares for the client’s needs where the product is concerned.

Along those lines, the delivery of the product should be done in a timely fashion. A product that is not delivered in a timely fashion, according to the client’s expectations, is as onerous as a product defect. Being able to make a delivery when the client needs the product demonstrates that the company is attentive to those needs, thus is more likely to result in client loyalty.

Finally there has to be a good problem solving process. Despite every effort to make the product perfect and to deliver it in a caring and timely fashion, occasionally mistakes are made. Products suffer manufacturing defects or get damaged in transport. The problem solving process has to include a quick and satisfactory resolution, a heart felt apology for the mistake made, and documentation so that any similar problem does not arise again.

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Excellent Service can grow client loyalty

Excellent Service can grow client loyalty

Five Reasons You Should Care About Sales Incentives for Your Team

There are many aspects to having a successful sales team and there are just as many reasons why sales incentives work to your advantage. If you haven’t considered incorporating sales incentives into your workplace you probably should; here are five reasons why.

  • Reward: First of all, let’s talk about rewards. Sure, your employees may do their job (and do it well) based on their compensation but everyone likes to get some kind of recognition for their efforts, especially for a job well done. By having sales incentives in place, your employees are not only recognized but rewarded too.
  • Competition: Healthy competition is one of the most important aspects of a sales team. While many sales team members may already have competition amongst each other, by having a way of incorporating healthy competition it inspires them to go above and beyond what they may normally do and in a positive way.
  • Value: Again, income is a main selling point in any job but money isn’t something that creates memories by itself. Whether it’s an employee retreat or an employee vacation, the memories are just a fraction of the added value. Income typically has to go to expenses and bills but a trip adds more to the job and makes it even more valuable to the employee.
  • Refuel: There’s nothing like a vacation or getaway to refuel your employees and give them an added boost. Doing the same thing day after day can get tedious and sales can suffer. But by having a sales incentive in place, not only does it add competition and value but it also refuels your employees and can help with sagging sales or add more inspiration to those that are already doing well.
  • Interest: Making the job interesting is part of retaining the best sales team. Sales incentives create interest and they are a significant aspect of a job when you are looking to create a team comprised of the very best.

To learn more about how sales incentives can help out your business, or anything else, please Contact Us.

Using incentives can boost the performance of your sale's team

Using incentives can boost the performance of your sale’s team

Improve Sales by Winning Your Client’s Loyalty

The concept behind client loyalty programs is simple: Offer customers special benefits, rewards, and discounts for their continued patronage, and customers will reward your business with their loyalty. It is a fact that operating a loyalty program is a good idea for many different kinds of businesses. It is also a fact that many businesses get it wrong. In fact, every business should consider its marketing to attract new customers, and its continued marketing after the sale, to be their loyalty program – whether or not a card or membership number is involved. Here we will take a look at ways to improve your customer’s loyalty to your business.

Personalize the Presentation

The key to winning your customer’s loyalty is personalized interaction between the customer and your business. After all, you are asking for them to choose you over the competition, though you may not have the lowest prices or largest selection of products or services. But your customer will choose you more often if you treat them as an individual. Ask their names, and then call them by their names for the duration of the encounter. Smile. Tell the customer that you appreciate their business. Ask them to come back soon. For sales over the internet, you can use their first name in all email correspondence, and even have a representative call customers who have made large or recurring orders. These seemingly trivial gestures will cause your customers to want to engage more with you and your business. In fact, these are the beginning steps to tuning a business into a brand.

Engagement is the Key

According to a recent Gallup survey, which gauged people’s level of loyalty to various kinds of companies, businesses which more thoroughly engaged their customer base benefited from up to twice the rate of loyalty than less engaging businesses. This engagement covers everything from soliciting customer feedback to actually implementing popular and reasonable suggestions. Not only does customer engagement lead to higher loyalty to a particular business or brand, but it also correlates well with your customer’s overall satisfaction your company’s customer service. Engaged customers simply appreciate your product more than un-engaged customers.

Respect the Emotional Nature of Making a Purchase

One of the reasons the U.S. economy is based 70 percent on consumer spending is because Americans love to shop. Shopping is often an emotional experience. This point really follows the others, and completes the picture: Engage your customers’ emotions; help them have the times of their lives when purchasing your product. Many times people will decline to make a purchase because they think they will regret it later, or they don’t trust the company’s presentation. One way to win your customers’ loyalty is to acknowledge these emotions and help your customer through them. Help them see all the benefits of your product or service, but remember that they buy the feeling that having your product will give them.  Review your sales process. Is it fun? Is it comforting and reassuring? Is it alluring? If your sales processes and materials do not evoke strong positive emotions it will be very difficult to win your customers’ loyalty.


For more information on how to improve your client’s loyalty, contact us for an immediate consultation.

Improve performance with Client Loyalty programs!

Improve performance with Client Loyalty programs!

Meeting Planners Can Help Eco-Minded Firms Set-Up Conventions in Nashville

At Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives, we know that an increasing amount of companies are looking to hold their 2014 corporate events at green venues all across our great country. And our corporate meeting planners are no exception. One green convention destination that is attracting a lot of attention from our Peak Pros and others is Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s a look at some of what everyone loves about the Music City:

Green Meeting Spaces

One of the things that our Peak Pros love about Nashville is the city’s convention center. It features all sorts of eco-conscious elements like a green roof, rainwater collector, LED lighting, solar panels and a low-flow water system. Many of the city’s major hotels also have green features too. Among them are no-VOC carpeting, reclaimed wood furniture and sensor controlled HVAC systems. So there are plenty of environmentally friendly meeting spaces to choose from.

Farm to Table Restaurants

Our meeting planners also love the fact that Nashville has an abundance of farm to table restaurants to choose from as well. Some of the restaurants have their own onsite gardens. Therefore, there is never any doubt that the food is going to be as fresh as possible. A few places that meeting attendees may wish to consider when it comes time to grab a bite in the Music City are Husk Nashville, Silo and The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden.

Green Group Activities

Lastly, Nashville has what many meeting planners want, green activities. Two good examples are the Nashville Pedal Tavern and the Green Fleet bike tours. The tavern is actually home to bicycles that accommodate 16 people at a time. They are used to transport groups to great Nashville pubs. The other guided bike tours mentioned include far more than stops at the best watering holes. However, each attendee would be personally responsible for powering one of the company’s hybrid bicycles.

To speak with our corporate meeting planners regarding potential green convention destinations like Nashville, please contact us at (800) 606-8377. Our team has experience planning green meetings and much more.

Hold your event at the Eco-Friendly Nashville Convention Center

Hold your event at the Eco-Friendly Nashville Convention Center

Boost Morale with an Employee Recognition Program

You choose employees based on their ability to perform the work your company requires. However, even the most experienced and talented individuals may have a difficult time maintaining performance if they don’t feel you appreciate their work. Utilizing an employee recognition program will help you boost the morale of your employees and give them goals to work toward that will benefit both you and your employees.

Use the Right Reasons

The first thing you need to do is determine what your reasons are for creating this type of program. While you want your employees to give their all so your business can benefit, this shouldn’t be your sole reason for offering recognition awards. Instead, you should be doing it because you truly appreciate the work your employees do for your business and want to show them in a concrete manner.

Choose Valuable Incentives

If the incentives you offer in your employee recognition program aren’t appealing to your employees, it isn’t going to be an effective motivating factor. Therefore, you need to consider which types of incentives are more likely to attract your employees. Don’t offer them something cheap or useless as a reward for hard work.

Get Employee Feedback

Don’t be afraid of asking your employees what they think of your incentives or how the program is run. Sometimes it can be difficult for the boss or other individual in charge to determine what will appeal to the employees. Consider sending out a survey before you launch the program, as well as after the program has been in place for a little while.

An employee recognition program can be a great way to motivate your employees and encourage them to put their best into their work. Creating a quality program can help you boost morale and improve your retention, giving you the solid workforce you require to be successful. Taking the time to consider what your employees want can help you build a more successful program.

If you are interested in setting up an employee recognition program for your business, contact us. We can hep you create and run your program more efficiently.

Boost Employee Performance with an Employee Recognition Program

Boost Employee Performance with an Employee Recognition Program

Allowing Employees to Recharge with Employee Travel Incentives

Although vacation days may seem like a time of laziness and relaxation for employees, they’re one of the most important factors to long term success. Vacation days are critical to the mental health of employees and allow them to spend time away from the office with their friends and family. They continuously spur employee motivation and employee productivity.

recent Forbes article discusses the importance of taking time away from the office. According to the article, businesses should make sure that employees are using their vacation days instead of constantly working in order to ensure the mental health of their employees:

“Taking vacations, going to seminars, meeting with peers – all are ways to recharge. Most importantly, recharging is a great way to model healthy behavior. If your employees are continually leaving vacation days on the table at year end you’re not doing it right. Ask HR to run a report of what percentage of employees didn’t use their allocated vacation.”

Recharging is an important step in preserving employee motivation. Businesses cannot expect employees to work throughout the year at a high level of performance, since everyone needs to take a break at times. In fact, the one problem of vacation days is that employees are not given enough of them, and therefore don’t have enough time to recharge.

Employee travel incentives are now growing in popularity as businesses understand the needs of employees more and more. It’s another way to motivate employees while allowing them more time to recharge away from the office.

In addition, employee travel incentives can be effective for the company. Consider sending a marketing team on a trip in which they spend half of the time relaxing and the other half of the time in training seminars. Travel incentives can further the development of employees while they’re away from the office.

If you would like more information about employee travel incentives, contact us.