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Allowing Employees to Recharge with Employee Travel Incentives

Although vacation days may seem like a time of laziness and relaxation for employees, they’re one of the most important factors to long term success. Vacation days are critical to the mental health of employees and allow them to spend time away from the office with their friends and family. They continuously spur employee motivation and employee productivity.

recent Forbes article discusses the importance of taking time away from the office. According to the article, businesses should make sure that employees are using their vacation days instead of constantly working in order to ensure the mental health of their employees:

“Taking vacations, going to seminars, meeting with peers – all are ways to recharge. Most importantly, recharging is a great way to model healthy behavior. If your employees are continually leaving vacation days on the table at year end you’re not doing it right. Ask HR to run a report of what percentage of employees didn’t use their allocated vacation.”

Recharging is an important step in preserving employee motivation. Businesses cannot expect employees to work throughout the year at a high level of performance, since everyone needs to take a break at times. In fact, the one problem of vacation days is that employees are not given enough of them, and therefore don’t have enough time to recharge.

Employee travel incentives are now growing in popularity as businesses understand the needs of employees more and more. It’s another way to motivate employees while allowing them more time to recharge away from the office.

In addition, employee travel incentives can be effective for the company. Consider sending a marketing team on a trip in which they spend half of the time relaxing and the other half of the time in training seminars. Travel incentives can further the development of employees while they’re away from the office.

If you would like more information about employee travel incentives, contact us.


Travel Incentives Destination NYC: 5 Great Activities for Work Groups

If you are looking for a team building or travel incentive destination for your corporation’s employees, why not choose New York City? The City that Never Sleeps is jam packed with activities capable of accommodating a variety of budget levels and age groups. Here’s a look at five spots that are suitable for young and middle aged adults as well as their families:

Stray Boots Scavenger Hunts

Stray Boots Scavenger Hunts is one fun, travel incentive activity that your corporate group may find favor with. It’s essentially a self-guided, thematic, NYC walking tour with built-in challenges that could be used as part of a company’s gamification efforts. The list of themes includes, but isn’t confined to East Village Desserts, Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown and the American Museum of Natural History.

Make Meaning

Make Meaning is another NYC travel incentive destination worth noting. It is designed to offer groups opportunities to participate in special events and create a variety of craft items together. For instance, there is a cake decorating class that work groups may enjoy. Those that participate in the class get to keep what they make, which is sure to please many attendees.

Luna Park at Coney Island

Businesses that want to reach their staff’s fun-loving side may want to schedule a trip to Luna Park at Coney Island. It’s one of several NYC travel incentives that participants could enjoy with their families too. The park staff offers a variety of corporate group packages to choose from as well. Activities on offer include partaking of thrill rides, group dining experiences and assorted games of chance.

Carnival Bowlmar

Carnival Bowlmar is a travel incentive option that is similar to Luna Park. However, it takes place indoors and is more focused on adults. It features games of chance, sporting activities, an arcade area, private rental space, a lounge and a dining area. Sporting activities available onsite typically include bocce ball, bowling and miniature golf.

Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex

Finally, for a well-rounded, travel incentive spot try the Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex. It’s located near the Carnival Bowlmar and offers indoor/outdoor activities. Among them are more than 20 different sports activities, spa treatments, shopping areas, stage rentals and boating opportunities.

For more information about these NYC travel incentives for work groups and more, please contact Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives. We are a full service agency that specializes in travel incentives, meetings, special events and travel management.


Corporate Travel Management is the Key to Stress-Free Stakeholders

Your firm is short staffed but you’re afraid to hire new employees. The last time that you asked your overburdened Administrative Assistant to handle the sales team’s travel arrangements, she failed miserably. That left you, her and everyone else stressed and over budget. Now ask yourself, “How much longer does everyone need to suffer before the problem gets resolved?” Hopefully, for your firm’s stakeholders’ sake, the answer is something along the lines of, “Not a single minute more.”

When you are finally ready to end the pain, consider hiring a corporate travel management company. A corporate travel management company can typically assist with the following tasks:

  • Ensure that staff is adhering to travel expenditure limits
  • Arrange emergency travel assistance when needed
  • Handle issues related to travel security and safety
  • Set up and manage incentive travel programs
  • Make all corporate travel arrangements
  • Seek out and negotiate the best deals
  • Analyze monthly travel expenditures

Depending on the corporate travel management company’s experience, several benefits may be gleaned from such activities. They include less waste, happier employees, a better bottom line, increased productivity and less confusion.

At Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives, we can provide all of the services mentioned above and more. The “more” includes reserving meeting space, establishing sales incentives or employee rewards and setting up special functions. That’s because we are a full-service travel company that specializes in delivering personalized, professional attention to all of our corporate clients.

So why continue to stress over managing corporate travel? Contact Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives today and let us handle it all for you in the months ahead. To reach our Peak Performance Pros, send a message online or call us toll-free at (800) 606-8377. We’d be happy to meet with your firm’s management or board of directors and provide a complimentary consultation.


Intl. Incentive Travel Destinations Sure to Fire Up 2014 Sales Teams

Are you searching for incentive travel destinations that will fire up your corporate sales team in time for a FY 2014 Q1 or Q2 promotional blitz? If so, our Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives team would love to offer up a bevy of suggestions. Here are five international locations that may do the trick:

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one incentive travel destination to consider. It is home to an amazing array of historic sites, cultural venues, fabulous eateries, festivals and celebrated beaches. Popular island spots to consider exploring are Santo Domingo, Jarabacoa, Punta Cana, Santiago and La Vega. They each have their own highlights, including Punta Cana. It’s widely considered to be a beach lover’s nirvana.

Macau, China

If your corporate sales team is the gambling sort, a trip to China’s casino Mecca may satiate their desires. Yes, we are referring to Macau. It’s the site of large resorts and even bigger gambling venues. There are also museums, spas, shops, historical landmarks and authentic Asian restaurants on offer. The list of places that should be on your staff’s “must see” radar includes the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion, Old Taipa Village, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf and the Museum of Macau.

New Zealand

New Zealand is likely to appeal to highly competitive, corporate sales teams too. It is a superb place for enjoying action sports, cultural hot spots and resplendent vineyards. Examples of the activities on offer include caving at Waitomo, black water rafting, bungee jumping, surfing and paragliding.


Other sales professionals may be motivated by a trip to Portugal. It’s a beautiful place that’s been divided up into several regions. Corporate golfers may flip over the Algarve Region’s stunning courses. Fans of history will be thrilled with the And North Port Region’s Romanesque Route and entertainment seekers will undoubtedly love Madeira.

For more information about these incentive travel destinations and others, please contact us at (800) 606-8377. We’d love to put our years of incentive travel experience to work for you in 2014.


Incentive Travel: More Than Just Beaches and Mai Tias

Over the years, many theories have surfaced regarding employee motivation. One of them is Vroom’s theory. It focuses on the nature of the reward and how the individual views it. Thus, proponents of the theory tend to recognize that incentive travel is more than just beaches and mai tais. It can also be about history, cultural immersion, family heritage, thrill seeking and sports.

At Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives, we understand that too. That’s why we take the time to get to know your company’s staff before making a full-service incentive travel proposal. It’s all just part of how we like to do business. Ask our previously satisfied clients and we are sure that they will agree with us. It’s a method that works incredibly well.

In some instances, we may discover that a charter flight to see a major sporting event may provide the best staff motivation. Other times, employees may prefer a safari in Africa, hiking over glaciers or roaming the Les Grands Boulevards District of Paris. Either way, once we’ve determined the most motivational spot, we’ll set about creating a one-of-a-kind itinerary for your firm’s group or individuals.

Because we are a full-service, incentive travel company, you can count on the itinerary containing all of the essential elements too. That includes private or public transportation options, lodging, meals, down time, meeting space and tours. Furthermore, our Peak Pro will book every incentive travel detail and keep it all within your firm’s budget.

All you need to do is remit payment 30 days after booking your firm’s incentive travel excursion. We’ll handle the rest, including post-incentive travel follow-up with your group or designated individuals. So there is no need to stress over having to juggle multiple deposit requirements, cancellation deadlines, head counts, rooming list changes and the like.

For more information about booking beach alternatives and other incentive travel destinations, pleasecontact us at Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives. Our toll-free number in Jamison, Pennsylvania is (800) 606-8377.

beach party

Why Management Should Support Co-Worker Friendships

Much of the focus on employee motivation has to deal with the relationship between supervisors and employees. How a supervisor treats an employee can have a tremendous effect on his engagement, and when applied to all employees in the office, it can have a tremendous effect on the company’s success. With all the attention spent on supervisor-employee relations however, one aspect has commonly been overlooked.

Friendly relationships between employees are just, if not more important, than an employee’s relationship with his supervisor. Employees look to their fellow co-workers to enjoy their job and lighten the mood in the office. Positive relationships with co-workers results in employee happiness, and subsequently employee motivation.

14recent survey conducted by TINYpulse reports that co-worker relationships have a greater effect on employee happiness than supervisor-employee relationships. According to the survey, although their is a strong correlation between employee happiness and their feelings for their direct supervisor, there is an even stronger correlation between employee happiness and their feelings for co-workers:

Employee happiness is 23.3% more correlated to connections with co-workers than direct supervisors. There is a very strong correlation between employee happiness and their rating of co-workers with a .92 correlation coefficient compared to a .74 correlation coefficient between employee happiness and how they rate their direct supervisor.

Focusing on establishing a relationship between supervisors and empTo support friendships between employees, consider creating more group tasks and projects. Allow employees to have a few minutes to chat and get to know each other. Formal events could be holiday parties or group lunches sponsored by the company. It’s a small cost that should later pay for itself when employees are more motivated to come to work.loyees is important, but it’s not the only thing a company should devote attention to. If an employee’s only friend in the office is his supervisor, he probably won’t look forward to going to work everyday.If you would like more information about employee motivation, contact us.

Are Your Meeting Planners Ready to Deal with Another Year of Changes?

Scan the last two month’s worth of corporate travel industry publications and you are bound to reach one overriding conclusion. The New Year is anticipated to radically alter the meeting planning scene. If your company’s workforce is not ready to deal with all of those expected wrinkles, it’s time to call in someone that can.

At Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives, our corporate meeting planners have been pouring over the latest facts, figures and potential trends. As such, we are confident that we can fill in the gaps that currently exist at your firm. For instance, 2014 is expected to bring about a rise in the need for business meetings that offer a high return on investment. Those same meetings should ideally feature cutting edge elements, short-haul destinations and have systems in place that provide real-time feedback.

Our meeting planners have been culling relationships with the industry’s leading, domestic and international hospitality professionals for years. Thus, we have unfettered access to the best venues, technology, amenities and preferred pricing tiers imaginable. So if you choose our services, the chances that your firm’s business meetings will yield a notable ROI are excellent.

In addition, our vetted and road tested meeting planners fully understand what it takes to create the ultimate attendee experience. So we can make recommendations in regards to environment design, itinerary planning, people movement, budget management, speaker selection and more. Onsite coordination and post-meeting follow-up tasks all fall within the range of our meeting planners’ expertise as well. Because of that, your firm’s team can focus their efforts on closing and fulfilling sales.

peak_logoTo continue discussing 2014 meeting planning trends and ways to make corporate travel programs run smoothly, please contact us. Our meeting planners in Jamison may be reached toll-free at (800) 606-8377 or via our Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives’ online form.

Devising Effective Sales Incentives that Promote Teamwork

Rewarding a sales team demands a certain level of creativity from businesses. Employee recognition is almost always beneficial, but when done correctly, it can lead to employee motivation, increased productivity, and a sense of belonging in the business. Sales incentives are particularly interesting because they have to appeal to sales representatives to have an effect. The optimal sales incentive is one that is desired by all representatives and ultimately provides more training for the sales team.

what-we-doConsider a sales incentive that isn’t well planned or thought out. Insincere sales incentives are common in businesses, and without proper execution, they’re just another expense. Such an example may be a gift card to a chain restaurant. All of the sales representatives would welcome such a reward, but it wouldn’t have any effect on their day-to-day tasks. Boring rewards, such as a gift card, don’t motivate employees and don’t come with an additional lesson.

A more effective sales incentive example would be a business trip to Hawaii for a sales seminar. Now, consider all the different levels at play here. Because it’s a group incentive, sales representatives will work with each other as a team, instead of against each other competitively. When the team goes to Hawaii, their teamwork will be reinforced because of their time spent together. And to top it all off, the sales representatives are ultimately attending a sales seminar and getting access to new training during their trip. This type of sales incentive promotes teamwork, increases employee motivation and productivity, and improves your sales representatives with new training.

Planning such a big expensive is difficult to do on your own. If you’re interested in a travel sales incentive, however, contact us for assistance in planning your trip.

3 Reasons Why You Should Revamp Your Firm’s Presidents’ Club in 2014

144363217Before this quarter comes to an end, take an honest look at your firm’s Presidents’ Club. Is it motivating your company’s staff in the way that you intended it to at the outset? If not, you may want to revamp it in time for 2014. Here are three compelling reasons to do so:

#1: Non-Cash Incentives Remain King

In 2013, research by the Aberdeen Group confirmed what some top managers already know. Non-cash incentives are extremely effective at motivating employees and helping them to identify with a firm’s brand. As such, you’ll definitely want to upgrade your Presidents’ Club rewards system to ensure that it contains the best, contemporary, non-cash incentives available. Examples include week long vacations, tickets to special events, unique dining experiences and weekend getaways.

#2: Maintaining Employee Engagement is Crucial

Speaking of HR research, Quantum Workplace’s 2013 Employment Engagement Trends Report also contained information worth noting. It indicated that employees continue to seek out work environments that make them feel important. Well, a properly thought out Presidents’ Club program can do just that. This is especially the case when you incorporate our personalized, group and individual travel rewardsinto your Presidents’ Club reward system. Because they are personalized, your staff is apt to feel exceptionally valued knowing that their travel reward was made specifically with them in mind.

#3: Cost Effective

In addition, updating one’s Presidents’ Club rewards system can also be cost effective. After all, it will give you a chance to do away with rewards that no one seems to like and refocus your resources on those that consistently generate excitement. Furthermore, if you hire a company like ours to handle the travel incentives for you, you’ll save even more money. That’s because our years of experience in the travel industry enable us to secure the best deals around.

For more tips on revamping your Presidents’ Club program with our travel incentives, please contact us at (800) 606-8337.

Corporate Travel Management Skills Will Give Businesses an Edge in 2014

During the latter half of the year, many firms start issuing their predictions for the future of travel. There are times when those forecasts differ radically from one another. This year, thus far, has not been one of those times. Here’s a fleeting look at what those popular assumptions are and how they may influence corporate travel management in the coming months.

Across the board, experts seem to agree that price negotiations are going to become increasing more important in 2014 for corporate travel managers. This includes attempting to negotiate ancillary airline fees, fuel surcharges and blackout date hotel rates. Two of the things that seem to be driving those changes are business consolidation and the current economic outlook.

Increasing price sensitivity is not the only item expected to influence corporate travel management decisions in 2014 either. Loyalty programs, the availability of highly coveted amenities and the ongoing push towards mobile working environments are anticipated to play a role as well.

Understandably, dealing with delicate price negotiations, sussing out the best loyalty programs and securing the ideal amenities will require a great deal of dedication on the part of businesses. That’s why outsourcing corporate travel management tasks may be something that firms want to take seriously in 2014.

why-peakBy outsourcing corporate travel management tasks to our firm, Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives, businesses of all sizes can gain several distinct advantages. To begin with, we have an existing network of trusted corporate travel partners in place. Because of that, we know how and where to find the best business travel deals. In addition, we can help to assure that a firm’s corporate travelers have the amenities they long for at an affordable price.

As a firm that also specializes in creating travel incentive programs, we happen to know quite a bit about loyalty programs too. So we can help businesses decide which loyalty programs are worth participating in and which ones are nothing more than a big hassle. For more information about our corporate travel management services and how they can help businesses develop an edge in 2014, please contact us at (800) 606-8377.