Individual Incentives a Trend for 2012

recreationIndividual incentive travel packages are an excellent way to motivate your employees, improve company performance or inspire a lasting affinity for your brand. According to The Incentive Research Foundation, Individual Incentives are a top trend for 2012.

A company has done everything it can do to hire the best employees and offer them the most desirable incentives to work for them. Health benefits, life insurance and long-term disability packages are products that employers offer new employees to encourage them to remain on the job for several years and do the best they possibly can so not to lose these benefits. Yet, some employers believe that something is missing and these employees still have room for improvement. Simple individual incentive travel packages that offer an employee a weekend trip to a winery can be just what is needed to improve employee motivation.

Cash versus Trip Incentives

cruiseAnother option employers have is cash. The employees receive the cash and use it to pay the water bill and the credit card bill. It’s not likely that they will want to brag about this to their co-workers. Trip incentives offer them the opportunity that their employers need them to take to talk about the prize they won. An employee who wins the trip to the winery will need to discuss this fact openly and often with co-workers before embarking on the travel. After the trip is over and they are in the office again on Monday, they will want to regale everyone with what a peaceful and pleasant trip they had. This works to motivate everyone who stayed home to perform better in their jobs so they can be the next to take a glorious trip.

Graduating from Small Incentive Trips to Larger Incentive Trips

Small individual incentive trips will be a good start for a company that would like to see how this plan can work for the company. If it goes well, the company can increase the value of the trip with a week’s vacation as an incentive. Employers can purchase trips for cruises or a hotel stay in a great destination such as Hawaii or the Caribbean. These larger trips will give employees even more reason to talk about what the company has given them, and they will have pictures to prove it! It will have the effect of encouraging employees to raise their work performance to a new level so that they can possibly be the next big winner of an incentive trip.

Creating Loyalty for the Brand

The individual incentive travel package can also be used to turn visitors into customers, and encourage people to feel loyalty toward the brand. If a website, for example, is having difficulties converting visitors into customers, the company can offer an incentive trip for those who make a particular purchase. This strategy has been known to dramatically increase sales and encourage customers to return to the website or the store over and over again.

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