Team Building High in the Sky to Create Employee Confidence

For a company or organization to perform well the members must have confidence in each other. Deadlines, financial constraints and turf wars complicate the ability to work together.

If members have confidence and trust each other, they find it easier to work out problems and perform at high levels. It also allows them to innovate and take risks because they believe in each other.

terrapin 2But how do you build trust? Learn the lessons outside, and then bring them to the boardroom. Team building programs like the ones offered at Terrapin Adventures are a fun way to get members of your organization working together. Terrapin Adventures is an outdoor adventure center in Savage, MD. They have created a variety of customizable programs that enable groups to focus on specific goals – trust, communication, confidence, or just general team building skills. Many group members come to Terrapin Adventures with limited or poor relationships with their fellow participants. However, everyone leaves with a new appreciation for their fellow students or co-workers, having more confidence in themselves, and of course a smile on their faces.

During team building programs at outdoor adventure centers, groups are lead through a series of high energy yet inclusive team building exercises, and then their facilitators “debrief” and break down the activity so members of the group can apply the lessons to their everyday activities.

As a member in a group participating in a team building program at Terrapin Adventures, you will learn that “Joe” is not just the guy who works in the finance department – he is actually a really funny guy who could act calmly even through the toughest of situations. “Megan” who you always thought was super quiet student could actually be quite a force when thrust into a leadership position. Perhaps she was also the one who led talked you through the maze when you were blindfolded, lost, and not allowed to talk!

terrapin-adventuresAfter conquering the team building challenges and perhaps the other elements of the Terrapin Adventures challenge course, (such as the high ropes course, 330 foot zip line, Giant swing, and Terrapin Tower) groups probably will have learned more about their colleagues than they had in a few years of working with each other… all while having a great time. Most importantly, members of the group will be able to take what they have learned out on the course back to the office. While there are probably no tight ropes running across the office floor, employees will remember their coworkers who guided them across “Wild Woozy” tight rope at Terrapin Adventures, and know that just as they trusted them in that situation, they can trust each other in the work environment.

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