Corporate Meeting Planner

corporate-meetingsPeak Performance’s team of experienced and knowledgeable corporate meeting planners is equipped to manage and support programs that range in size from 10 to 500 people. We work with small to medium-sized companies who benefit from outsourcing the corporate event planning process to our team of experienced professionals.

From site selection and registration through presentation preparation and on-site management, the Peak Pros™ handle all the details, providing you with a smooth and hassle-free event experience. We offer an all-inclusive, highly personalized service that delivers an outstanding and memorable meeting every time. Be it a regional, national or international destination event, our attention to detail and depth of implementation creates an ideal experience for all attendees.

Peak Performance conference and corporate meeting planning services include:

  • Customized pricing based in line with your budget
  • Peak Pros experienced in the tour, meeting and event management industry
  • Leveraged buying power through Peak industry resources
  • Vision and creativity to help make your meeting more profitable
  • Expertise in space and itinerary planning for ideal people movement and environment design
  • Ongoing communication throughout the planning process
  • Thorough site research and selection

The benefits and advantages of choosing Peak Performance as your corporate meeting planner include:

  • Expertly negotiated contracts, time savings and vendor management
  • Well-designed itineraries that streamline attendee experience
  • A meeting environment that offers an exciting motivational experience for every attendee
  • Coordination of program components including: registration and housing management, travel management, tour planning, presentation preparation and production, speaker coordination, special events and more …
  • On-site logistical management executed with precision and accuracy
  • A clear and concise process from start to finish
  • A dedicated planning partner who saves you time and effort and acts an extension of your organization
  • Program options designed specifically for your group
  • An effective model for future meetings

No matter what type of corporate meeting, event or conference you’re planning, the Peak Pros have the knowledge, tools, expertise and resources to ensure that every attendee enjoys a truly memorable and meaningful experience.

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