Recreation Incentives

recreationSometimes the best incentive you can offer your employees is some well-deserved rest, relaxation and recreation. Of course, everyone’s idea of the perfect vacation is different.

From a relaxing food and wine tour of Napa Valley to a golf escape on the fabled links of Ireland or (for the more adventurous) an adrenaline fueled Ferrari driving experience, Peak Performance’s recreational employee incentives are designed to inspire your employees by offering their favorite activities in their most desirable destinations. Recreation incentives from Peak include:

  • Luxury Ski Getaways
  • Luxury Spa Vacations
  • Golf Getaways
  • Ferrari or Porsche Driving Experiences
  • Wine Country Tours
  • Culinary Experiences
  • Green/Eco-Friendly Getaways
  • African Safaris
  • Best of Broadway Tours
  • Best of Las Vegas Tours
  • Fashion Getaways
  • Shopping Getaways